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 Why Export  

• More productivity - to export implies the increase of the production scale, that can be gotten by the use of the idle capacity of the company and/or by the perfectioning of its productive processes; the company will be able, then, to diminish the cost of its products, becoming more competitive, and increasing its edge of profit;

• Reduction of the tax burden:

- The company can compensate the collect of the internal taxes, through exportation.

- The exported products do not suffer the incidence from the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI);

- The Tax on the Circulation of Merchandises and Services (ICMS) does not happens on operations of exportation of industrialized products, half-elaborated products, primary products or rendering of services;

- In the determination of the taxable income of the Contribution for Financing of Social Security (COFINS), the decurrent prescriptions of the exportation are excluded;

- The decurrent prescriptions of the exportation are also an exempt of the contribution for the Program of Social Integration (PIS) and for the Program of Formation of the Patrimony of the Public Server (PASEP);

- The Tax on Financial Operations (IOF) applied to the entailed operations of exchange to the exportation of goods and services has aliquot of zero.
Reduction of the internal sale dependence - the diversification of markets (internal and external) provides the company biggest security against the oscillations of the levels of the internal demand;

• Increase of the innovative capacity - the exporting companies tend to be more innovative than the not-exporters; they are used to a bigger number of new processes of manufacturing, adopting quality programs and developing new products with bigger frequency;

• Perfectioning of human resources - the companies whom they export if detached in the area of human resources: they usually offer better wages and chances of training its employees.

• Perfectioning of the industrial processes (improvement in the quality and presentation of the product, for example) and commercial (more necessary contract elaboration, new managemental processes, etc.) - the company acquires better conditions of internal and external competition;

• Image of the company - the character of the "exporting company" is an important reference, in the contacts of the company in Brazil and the exterior; the image of the company is associated the external markets, in general more demanding, with positive consequences for its customers and suppliers.


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