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 Exportation Trust  

As Trust of Exportation it is understood to be the congregation of companies with common objectives. For example:

-Companies of the same geographic region
-Companies of the same area
-Companies who want to reach one definitive market.

Through the Trusts the companies will be able to get innumerable benefits, as for example:

-Purchases of substances and accessories in general in the internal and external market
-Equipment Purchase in general
-National and international Participation and fairs.
- Organization of missions to the exterior for identification of new markets.
- To elaborate market research
- To get proper mark of the Trust, as identification of new markets.
- Quality stamp, through the attendance of determined requisite.
-To establish foreign units, as deposit of merchandise, show-room and offices.
-Elaboration of promocional material, as paperbacks, folders, company profiles.
-Collective act of contracting insurances.
-Negotiation with banks to get better financial conditions.

We believe this to be a great chance for the small and average companies to participate in the international trade, improving the internal conditions of the proper company and contributing with the Federal Government for the improvement of the trade balance of Brazil, thus assuring a bigger number of jobs in the area.

We are certain of that the advantages offered in this proposal will awaken a small interest of the average companies who have little or no knowledge of international trade, but in spite of any difficulty have interest in conquering new markets.

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