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 Why Associate  

Currently the Planet has 216 countries, among which 193 are afiliated to the - World-wide Deal Organization commercial rules. Considering this hypothesis to get only 01 customer per country, we will start at the very least to have 193 possibilities of new customers.

How well known is your company over seas?

How much will the expense be to reach all these new customers and make them well known also?

Are you ready to invest in:
- Telephone Calls?
- Consular Visas?
- International Trips?
- Lodging?
- Shuttles?
- Meetings?
- Expenses with food?
- Institucional Marketing?
- Time Management?

We can adjust your International Activity with our of e-business strategies.
ABIM possess’s diverse categories of International e-business, with different segments, searching and creating commercial chances, directing its announcements the companies who look for its product, and offering new players, guaranteeing the lesser dispersion of the investment and time of its company.

Contact us

Associated Business International Market

Rua Gaivota, 83 - Portal das Laranjeiras
Caieiras - São Paulo / Brasil
Cep: 07700-000

Fone: 55 (11) 4441-4444
Fax: 55 (11) 4441-0800
e-mail: faleconosco@abimcomex.com.br


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